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5) Splashing  Water splashing off the ground, decks or walks will rot any exposed wood, leading to replacing door jams, window sills, decking, etc.

4) Hardscapes Water will undermine any walkways, stone wall and stone work. Any water going under in the winter will freeze and heave the costly hardscape.

Why have gutters?

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Rain Gutters Auburn, Maine

7) Ice  Water falling on walkways and driveways will have ice in the winter causing injuries from falls.

6) Flower Beds The water coming off the roof will cut a line in any plants and ruin mulch, flower beds and lawns close to the house

2) Cement Pads  Water falling by a cement pad will undermine the pad and cause frost heaves which will crack the pad. This is why so many garages have cracked floors. Houses with a slab will also have these cracks, you don't notice them because there is flooring on top. If this flooring is hardwood you would see the evidence in the form of high spots or parts of the floor lifting.

Your home is your largest investment. Protect it against it's largest threat, WATER.

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All of these problems and more can be solved by controlling the rain water with one of our seamless gutter systems. These gutter systems will protect your house by directing the water to a safe location and prevent these costly repairs, while at the same time give your house that finishing touch.

3) Paint Water will drastically shorten the life of your paint. Water running over painted surfaces will weaken the paint which will then peel and fade. Once water saturates wood under the paint, your wood will start to rot. This now will lead to the rot moving into the frame of the house and unwanted insects. If these are not attended to in a hurry you get into unbearable expenses.

1) Foundations Water falling off the roof ends up by your foundation. This water keeps the soil moist which in turn eats away at the cement. This will eventually crack the cement letting water in leading to flooded basements. The perimeter drains around newer houses are made for ground water and can not keep up when roof water is added. Even waterproof coverings on the foundation will break down. The trick is to control that rain and funnel it away from your foundation.

Rain water will hurt your home in many ways. Most of these will compromise the home's structure and cost bundles of money to repair. Below are just a few of the problems uncontrolled water will cause.