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Once all the decisions are made, our highly trained installation specialists will come to install your new seamless gutter system. They make your rain gutters on site with our seamless gutter machines, in the color that you choose. They install the seamless gutters on your house with the proper angles to guarantee proper water flow. This usually will be completed in just one day. After this process, you will see just how good our custom gutters will look on your house. Very shortly, you will also realize that your roof water problems are gone.

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DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! Anyone can install a gutter, even give you the lowest price. All these gutters were installed within two years of the pictures with lighter grade materials. They all did save $50 and up. These all have to be replaced and two need added work for repairs. Where is the real savings?

The A-1 Difference

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At A-1, our reputation is everything. We will not compromise the quality of our materials just to save a few dollars. We would rather lose the job than hurt our reputation. We use only the thickest gutter materials out there with the strongest hardware available to hang them. Just as important as the materials we use is the experience of our installers. Every installer has had extensive training from the owner himself. This training teaches how to install the gutter system at the perfect angles for the best water flow and curb appeal. A-1 does not let any installer run a job until they are 100% proficient in our installation methods. The owner and quality control inspects jobs to make sure they are of A-1 quality. These inspections keep everyone on their toes. Put all this together and you get a gutter system that just can't be beat.

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Our specialist starts by visiting every site to evaluate any water issues you may have or expect to have. He then determines the best course of action to protect your investment. Recommendations are  made on how to control the roof water for best results. He does not stop there. With over 56 standard colors and infinite custom colors, he will recommend a custom gutter system that will look as good as it works.

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The Process

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At A-1 SEAMLESS GUTTERS, that's all our gutter specialists do, SEAMLESS GUTTERS. These guys do not do roofing, siding, windows, decking or anything else with gutters on the side. What this means is 100% of our time is spent researching and using the best and strongest gutter materials out there with the best and strongest way to install them. These systems are then installed by the most experienced crews in Maine. All of this ensures to you that we are not figuring how to install or trying to get a game plan for each house. Each installer has experience with the most demanding and complicated installs Maine has to offer.

A gutter system that is not installed properly will only pose new problems to your home. Gutter systems with lesser quality materials will have to be replaced in a few years.At A-1 Seamless Gutters, we want your new seamless gutter system to be the last rain gutters you buy.


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What makes A-1 SEAMLESS GUTTERS different from the rest?