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New Copper rain gutter

    Portland        Maine

1yr old 5" Copper gutter

    Auburn       Maine

3yr old copper system

  Waterville      Maine

4yr old round down spout

      Turner          Maine

5" Copper gutter

Augusta  Maine

6mo old gutter & down spout

       Freeport            Maine

5" copper gutter

Waterville Maine

10mo old strip corner

    Brunswick Maine

new copper gutter                Boothbay      Maine

6mo. old     Falmouth Maine

Installing in Portland Maine

6" Copper Gutter

All of our COPPER RAIN GUTTERS are made from our heavy 16oz. and now offering 20oz. copper coils. With this high end gutter there are many choices to make. The hangers can either be visible (more vintage look) or hidden (modern look). Your down spouts can be round (vintage) or 2x3 - 3x4 (modern). This all depends on what you are looking for in the end product.

Just remember, our copper is pure. All our Copper rain gutters will turn within a year. This is called Patina. We can not control what shade they will turn. The common patina will be bronze,  this should eventually turn to a greenish tint. I have seen a one gutter system in Casco patina into a bluish tint. The tint and time it takes to patina all depends on the air quality. This patina can be accelerated with a compound you wipe on to make it patina overnight. You can also go the other way and preserve to shine of the copper.

We only solder our joints upon request. This is because of the heat rainbow that will be there for many years. Most customers that want copper do not like the heat rainbow the associated with the soldering process.