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Hangers are one of the most overlooked item that determines the quality and strength of a gutter system. There are hundreds of ways to hang a gutter. We put every hanger type we find through a series of tests to determine the strength and holding power. Only the strongest hangers with the most holding power will make it into our gutter systems. The type of hanger used on a house will very depending on the fascia type and roof load.

Below are a few types of hangers I will use for my installs.  

The first couple are our standard 5" & 6" hidden hangers. At over 1 1/2" for 5" gutters and 2" for 6" gutter with a thickness of .065, these bad boys are the thickest and widest hangers I can find. They will take and incredible weight load. 

The next couple are roof strap over the shingle and under where possible. I use roof straps ONLY where needed. This usually only happens when the house has a crown molding or other reasons I can not use the hidden hangers. This system is still very strong and will last. 

Most hangers including "Screw" hangers will not make my line up. This is a very important component for a gutter system and should not be overlooked. Contact us for more information on why Screw hangers and the like will not make my line up.



Our down spouts are either 2x3 or 3x4 depending on the rain water volume and preferred seize. These down spouts are made from aluminum with the same baked on colors as the gutters. The down spouts can be the same color as the gutter or change to blend in with your house colors. Round and square down spouts are also available upon requests. 


This is the thickest seamless aluminum gutter available and the only thickness we will put our name on. Not all .032" gutters are the same in quality.  Most companies don't even know there is a difference between primary and secondary metals. We use only primary metals in our gutter systems. A secondary .032 metal has about 1/2 the strength of our primary aluminum.

We use aluminum gutters over steel for it's life span. Any steel gutter will rot in time and need to be replaced. Aluminum will not rot and if maintained, will last forever. All our colored finishes are baked on, which will prevent peeling, cracking and fading. If the finish is washed annually, it will look new for more than 20 years. We favor the K-style over the half round for it's style and technology. The "crown" face of the front has a deeper reason behind it's design than just it's good looks. The front face will deflect any fast moving water downward into the gutter. Other designs can let water "ski jump" out of the gutter.

All our aluminum seamless gutters are made from heavy .032" primary aluminum!

5" & 6" Aluminum Gutter Systems

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5" K seamless gutter profile
6" K seamless gutter

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Each and every item we use is part of our gutter system for a reason. I personally will put any one or all of these items up against ANY competitor's items and show why I use what I do. I Guarantee my material to be the best on the market, the research proves it. 

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The quality of material and hardware is one thing that will set one gutter system apart from another. A gutter system can last a year, a few years or a lifetime. At A-1 SEAMLESS GUTTERS we are proud to use only the strongest materials and hardware available. We will not play games with our materials to cut cost. A failed rain gutter is a savings to nobody, including my reputation.

5" K Aluminum seamless gutter

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